Acupuncture is the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of inserting hair-thin needles into Acupuncture Points to create a healing response in the body.


Acupuncture is offered at Up Yoga in South Minneapolis and serves patients from the Greater Twin Cities area.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a healing practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which hair-thin needles are inserted into Acupuncture Points to create a healing response in the body. Despite being 3000 years old, Acupuncture continues to work beautifully in modern times and has been validated by many studies, including the WHO, NIH, and NCCIH.

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How does Acupuncture work?

Hair-thin needles are insereted in to the skin along pathways called Meridians into specific Points that have been chosen for their function and how they impact the body and flow of Qi, which is our vital life force Energy.

What makes Aculove treatments more effective?

Pulse-Balancing biofeedback! By feeling your Pulse repeatedly during the treatment, Libby can feel where energy flow in restricted in your Meridians, organs and body, which reveals the underlying cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Libby inserts a needle into a Point that “should” shift that energy. She re-checks the Pulse for biofeedback - IF the energy feels in-balance, she moves on. IF the signature has not shifted, she uses more Points or energy balancing techniques until balance occurs. Once all the energy signatures in your Pulse have shifted, the Pulse feels like a beautiful sine wave.

Aculove integrates Pulse-Balancing Biofeedback, bodywork or cranial work, and Bio-Light therapies into every session for efficient and incredible results.

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Acupuncture Service Menu

Initial Acupuncture - NEW Client Special $125

An Initial Appointment is requested for your first visit. Includes a brief review of your Intake Form and Full Pulse-Balancing Acupuncture treatment (additional modalities included as needed.)


Follow-Up Appointment $95

Full Pulse-Balancing Acupuncture Treatment plus bodywork or cranial work, cupping, or Bio-Light therapy included as needed with every treatment.


Follow-Up Extended $120

Everything above plus extended time for increased healing and relaxation.

Acupuncture VIP Session $155

In this VIP session, Libby uses her full energetic toolbox, combining Acupuncture with the Infrared Crystal Chakra mat, sound therapy, and Intuitive Messages. The ultimate session for Body-Mind-Spirit balance.


Pediatric Acupuncture 

Initial Pediatric - NEW Client Special $75

Follow-Up Student Rate - 60 Minutes $75 - For  older kids, 13-17. Mainly focused on Acupuncture and bodywork, but Acupressure can also be used.

Follow-Up Pediatric Rate - 30 Minutes $45 - For younger kids, 12 and under. Includes a combination of Acupressure, and light Acupuncture if desired.


Can I use my HSA or FSA for Acupuncture?

Yes! Acupuncture is allowed under all HSA and FSA plans.

Does Insurance cover Acupuncture?

Aculove is an Out-of-Network Provider. If your insurance covers out-of-network Acupuncture, you pay out of pocket, I provide you with a receipt/superbill to submit, and your insurance will reimburse you for a set percentage of a set amount of treatments.

Aculove is not In-Network. If your insurance covers in-network Acupuncture you can do a google search for providers that accept your insurance.
Acupuncture for smoking cessation and addiction.

While Aculove services absolutely work for smoking cessation and addiction, oftentimes people need treatment multiple times per week, especially at the beginning.

Community Acupuncture offers the most cost effective options for patients needing treatments several times per week, including sliding scale options. Google "community acupuncture near me" for locations.

What is Qi?

Qi is our vital life-force energy that is the underlying current of health and vitality. TCM believes Qi is omnipresent thru our entire body, runs through Meridians and can be directed by Points.

What are Acupuncture Meridians?

Acupuncture Meridians are an intricate system of energetic pathways that interconnect our entire body. If the Meridians are open, energy can easily move and flow. However like the highways drive on, if there are blockages or congestion, energy cannot get to its destination. "Where there is flow there is ease, where there is congestion there is dis-ease" is a guiding principle of TCM theory.

What are Acupuncture Points?
What does Acupuncture treat?

Anyone can benefit from Acupuncture! Here are some common things that Libby has successfully treated ...

  • Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, & Sports Injuries
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Whiplash & Concussion
  • Mood, Sleep, and Stress
  • PTSD & Trauma
  • Digestive Issues
  • Immune Function
  • Women's Health & Fertility
  • Men's Health

Twenty years ago I developed Sjogrens Syndrome. About five years ago it got horribly bad to the point my quality of life was scary. Since June 2022, I have been seeing Libby once a week for acupuncture. It has transformed my health! Sjogrens flares now are so much shorter in duration and intensity. I feel like I have my life back thanks to Libby! She is an amazing healer and a wonderful human being.


October 2022

After my acupuncture sessions with Aculove, I feel such relief. I arrive with body stiffness and restless sleep. Libby’s gentle touch and empathic connection allows this beautiful release of stuck energy in my body and I leave feeling open and vibrant.

I am so grateful for her support!


Jan 2023

I feel like a new person today after my VIP Acupuncture session yesterday. I had no aches and pains at all last night, and I slept like a baby!

I always feel rejuvenated when I see you - Thank you Thank you!


Jan 2023