Is Working with Libby right for you?

If most of these statements resonate, you are in the right place ...


  • You believe investing in your health matters and is a priority.
  • You intuitively know that you CAN feel better, you are just not sure how.
  • You believe stress, modern-day living, emotions and current/past trauma or addictions can impact your health, and are willing to address these issues.
  • You are seeking a long-term change in your health and not a quick fix.
  • You are seeking a practitioner with over a decade of experience and training.
  • You appreciate there are areas Libby is not trained in, and that she may recommend trusted referral partners if in your best interest.


  • You desire effective, efficient results and want to feel recharged and renewed after each session.
  • You are interested in learning about Energy in connection to good health.
  • You would love to experience what unrestricted energy flow feels like in your body and how to recognize when your energy is blocked.
  • You understand more frequent treatments may be necessary up front and the importance of maintenance appointments at least monthly to keep your energy balanced.
  • You tried Acupuncture before and did not get desired results. (Pulse Balancing is a game changer!)


  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • You are frustrated with not feeling listened to, band-aid approaches and masking symptoms.
  • You are willing to implement holistic recommendations including homeopathy and supplements.
  • You are curious about new ideas of what might be causing your chronic illness.
  • You are open to learning about the impact of environmental factors and are willing to modify your environment as you are able.
  • You are willing to invest the greatest resource that you have - TIME - into making changes at home, including but not limited to eating, shopping, movement, sleep and resting patterns.
  • You are looking for a practitioner that is committed to helping you uncover the underlying and root causes of chronic illness and guiding you on your journey back to health.